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Students at Scrum Gatherings!

Last year at the Scrum Gathering in San Diego, Blueprint Education was able to bring five students to participate. Students were awed by the conference and what they learned. Not only did they learn more about Scrum and how to incorporate the framework into their lives, they became keenly aware of the opportunities out there for them.

At the Gathering, students participated in the sessions and were intrigued by building a car using Scrum! To our surprise, they decided to facilitate and Open Space session discussing their experiences using the Scrum Framework in education. Our staff made the bold (and scary!) decision to leave the room and let the students lead the Open Space without us in the room…...and they did it! Our students are eager to network with other students to introduce Scrum in education bringing students together through Scrum.

On the heels of the Gathering, students were incredibly excited to bring the learning back to their campus and their peers! It created a buzz among the students that was independent of the staff. They became our student Scrum Ambassadors! Our goal is to provide this life-changing opportunity to more students each year!

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