“Agile is a brilliant model for schools. Shakes off much of the legacy thinking holding us back.”

— Daniel Pink

Our Scrum Leadership Team



Mark French, CEO, CSM - Getting Involved with Blueprint Ed
call: 602.906.4826   |  email: MarkF  |  linkedin: Mark-French


Marmy Kodras, COO, CSM - Leadership ScrumMaster
call: 602.906.4840   | email: MarmyK  |  linkedin: MarmyKodras


Krissyn Sumare, Principal - Cultural Extraodinaire
call: 602.906.4851   |  email: KrissynS  |  linkedin: Krissyn-Sumare


Erin Horn, Principal - Motivating Staff Through Scrum
call: 602.906.4820  |  email: ErinH  | linkedin: Erin-Horn


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It is a learning environment inspired by Scrum, a 21st Century approach to work that has fueled the innovation engine of some of the most successful organizations today, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and GE.  Daniel Pink, the bestselling author of A Whole New Mind and Drive, agrees with us!