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Although Blueprint Education has been in operation since 1969, we have not always been “Learning to be Agile.”

Key Points of our Journey:

  • In March of 2014, Mark French became the CEO of Blueprint Education and began working to incorporate Agile throughout the entire organization including staff and students. Mike Caspar graciously volunteered hours to train our staff and students on the Scrum framework.

  • At the 2015 Scrum Gathering in Orlando, John Miller united global educators to create the Agile in Education Compass. ( Blueprint’s educators were there to join in that process and we're proud of what we created.

  • In 2016, we started our partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. Working together, we carried out various student conferences and retreats where students learn valuable skills to be successful in school and the workplace.

Blueprint Education is always looking for growth opportunities for our staff and students. Ultimately, we know that if the staff is continually growing, it translates over to students. However, we want to continue providing more life-changing opportunities for our students!" These opportunities have been life-changing for the students involved so far! We want to expand our reach and broaden our positive impact on more student's lives. As we continue to walk the Agile and Scrum paths, we feel proud knowing that the values and principles being presented will give students more opportunities and choices moving forward. Please consider being a part of our story, our journey, and our success stories!


Black Eyes… Wide Open


Lessons about teamwork and how we encounter opportunities every day. It’s been a week now that I’ve been recovering from a friendly but harsh league game that turned my eye from normal in all cases to a fine looking “shiner” that became the first conversation piece of each and every new encounter for the week…

Three Ways of Making Something New Again


Update the Purpose Updating the purpose for your change helps others understand why the change is occurring in the first place. They may not necessarily agree with your stated reason but you’ve now given them something with which to work. From here, you can create a space for team members to voice their opinions and…

Blue Cross / Blue Shield Gives Back – Partnering with Blueprint Education


To find out more about our partnership, and to see other partners to our schools visit our page on the Blueprint Education Community Partners page.