Agile & Scrum Curriculum Collaborative

Thank you so much for deciding to be a part of this collaborative project! Blueprint's mission is to inspire students to make better choices and be champions of their own learning; we passionately believe that Agile and Scrum align perfectly with our mission. You have a unique and exciting opportunity to impact students' lives in a new and innovative way. Here's a refresher of the directions followed by the general template. Please make sure that you reach out with any ideas and/or suggestions as well!

  • Record a 5-15 minute Scrum/Agile talk, presentation, workshop, virtual field trip etc. The subject of your lesson is your choice. It should highlight the concepts, values, or professional experiences you associate with Scrum or Agile.
  • The video MUST include a “DO” component that would prompt the students to take action or apply the learnings from your presentation.  The “Do” portion could be an activity, collaborative project, webquest, or product that they must create. We are not looking for professional quality videos here. This is iteration one. We want “real” passion and creativity.

Here is a general guideline:

  1. Establish what you want the students to know by the end of your video and activity (The Why?) Help them to understand why what you are teaching them is relevant and applicable to their lives!
  2. Record your video. If you don't want to record a personal video, feel free to create a video presentation!
  3. Check out these websites! You could use any of these ideas to organize your instruction and/or the "DO" portion of your lesson!

Possible Topics:

  1. Individuals and Interactions over Process and tools
  2. User Experience and Scrum
  3. Who owns quality, and what do they say about our work?
  4. Hyper-productivity
  5. Agile Coaching - Who, What, How?
  6.  Product ownership
  7. Kanban
  8. Planning poker and other estimation techniques
  9. Forming, Storming, and Norming... New scrum teams
  10. Self organizing
  11. Collective ownership
  12. Agile tools
  13. Epic vs story
  14. Release planning
  15. Story mapping
  16. Evidence based Retrospectives
  17. Innovation Games
  18. Roadmaps
  19. Lean Startup and Agile
  20. Estimating, Velocity, and Charts
  21. Definition of Done
  22. Scrum Certifications & what they mean,
  23. Selling Scrum to others
  24. ScrumBUT
  25. Deeper look at the Agile Manifesto
  26. Shu-Ha-Ri
  27. Flow
  28. Agile Core Values
  29. What is Lean?
  30. The missing Parts of Scrum
  31. When to leave scrum behind
  32. Revisiting scrum roles
  33. Startups and Scrum
  34. Scrum vs Kanban/Lean

When you are ready to submit your video and activity, please fill out the contact form and upload your video and activity .....